Léonard Moulin

Researcher at Ined

 Since September 2016, I am a tenured researcher at Ined (the French Institute for Demographic Studies) where I belong to the research units on economic demography (UR9) and mobility, housing and social networks (UR6).

In 2014, I defended my PhD in economics about the effects on tuition fees in french higher education in a context of transformation of national education systems. This thesis was awarded the Jean-Claude Eicher prize 2017 from AJCEDU, the Edgard Milhaud prize 2016 from Ciriec, the Jacques Tymen prize 2015 from AES and the second prize of contest 2015 from OVE.

In addition to an extension of my previous works in socio-economics of education, my current research focuses, on the first hand, on issues related to social inequalities in school trajectories and, on the second hand, on the determinants and the articulation of individual trajectories (in the areas of education, employment or affective life). These research involves both quantitative methods and their joint use with qualitative methods.