Work in progress


  • "Digital instructional and leadership practices in emergency", with Mara Soncin. 
  • "Dropping out of University in response to the Covid-19 pandemic", with Étienne Dagorn.
  • PISA and private schools, with Denis Fougère.
  • COVID-19 and students’ choices in France, with Étienne Dagorn and Elena Meroni.
  • COVID-19 and learning loss in Itay, with Mara Soncin.


  • "The trajectories of job seekers with activity", with Sabina Issehnane.
  • "What are the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the professional integration of young graduates?", with Sabina Issehnane.
  • "The entry into conjugality: a comparative study between France and Germany", with Marie Bergström.